Your Airbag Light is a Warning

If your airbag light is on or your Supplemental Restraint System - SRS light is on, you may not be protected if you have an accident. The air bag light is a warning that your air bags, your seatbelts or the computers managing the air bag and seatbelt electronics may not be functioning.
Your Car Needs Service ASAP
Don't compromise your safety or the safety of the people that ride in your car. Schedule an appointment with a licensed air bag technician. It is not enough to turn off or clear the airbag light, you need to know why it came on and fix under-lying problems. Poor repairs on this system can put you and your loved ones at risk. And not just from inoperable air bags.
60% of the Air Bag Lights We Clear are Caused by Seatbelts

Air bag and SRS components are increasingly sophisticated and interconnected electrical equipment.

 You need an expert technician. 

Our technicians specialize in air bag, SRS and automotive electronics. We physically inspect your vehicle to diagnose why your air bag light came on. You get an itemized estimate of what needs to be done to repair any underlying problems. 

And we guarantee our work so when you and your loved ones buckle up, you know the air bags and other SRS components are intact and ready to function.