Should You Repair It or Replace It?

Wire harness repair can help save a total loss vehicle, reduce claim severity and, if done at your shop rather than by mail order or at the dealer, shave weeks off your cycle time. 

Nearly all OEMs have released technical service bulletins (TSB) that allow wire harness repairs following their procedures. BMW's TSB actually states that they see less overall problems to the vehicle when the harness is properly repaired rather than replaced because replacement is so invasive. 


Why Airbag Service 

  • We stock wide variety of connectors 
  • We have OEM sources for hard to find connectors 
  • We have up-to-date knowledge of TSBs 
  • We have extensive experience working with the insurance industry to justify it as a safe and responsible repair 
  • We provide mobile service - no shipping or towing hassles 
  • We guarantee the work so you and your customer get peace of mind the repair is safe 
Unsure if a harness can be repaired? Contact Airbag Service for an evaluation.