Increase Your Trade-in Profits

Vehicle specific information is critical to implementing a profitable trade-in strategy. 

Airbag Services has supplied vehicle specific data to wholesale auction houses for over twenty years. We provide pre-auction diagnostic services, light clears and arbitration risk assessments helping them maximize profits by adding vehicle-specific intelligence to their vehicle acceptance and lane assignment activities. 

We can perform the same service for you. 

Our technicians can come to your lot to do a pre-auction inspection so you can do your cost-benefit repair analysis before you commit to the costs of an auction. 

This puts you in a better business position by: 

  • Identifying low cost repairs that enable you to quickly sell the vehicle from your lot 
  • Only paying to transport vehicles to auction that fit your auction profit targets 
  • Helping you justify a better lane position 
  • Supplying you an itemized estimate of repairs to document arbitration risk 
Make Smarter Buying Decisions for Less

Bids are binding and you want to make sure you don't drive away with a vehicle you can't make money on. Your arbitration position is strongest on the lot the day of the sale. 

This leaves you to inspect the vehicle yourself or waste valuable shop resources by dragging one of your service techs to auction and having them work outside of their OEM training. 

Our technicians are onsite at the auction ready to do your receiving inspection. You get an itemized estimate so you know your repair cost threshold before you take possession of a vehicle. And with technicians across the country working on hundreds of vehicles a day, our technicians can diagnose issues faster across most makes and models. 

Additionally, many dealerships use our diagnostic and air bag repair services capitalizing on our experience with the vehicle to get it sale-ready faster. 

Contact your local Airbag Service and explore how we can increase the profitability of your auction strategy.