Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find my local Airbag Service?

Please check our locations page to find the locally owned and operated Airbag Service in your area.

How much does it cost for Airbag Service do a safety inspection on my vehicle?

The cost may vary by region, but most of our locations perform the service for about $100. With the inspection you receive a certification sticker and we will file a repair record with CARFAX, a valuable service in the event you decide to sell your vehicle in the future. In the event you have an issue with your vehicle, you will receive an itemized estimate detailing any needed repairs.

How much does it cost for Airbag Service to clear my air bag light?

A minimum of $119, which includes a diagnostic evaluation and written estimate for all repairs required to service the air bags and SRS components.

If my airbag light is on, can I just get a diagnostic evaluation and have repairs done later?

Yes. Airbag Service can diagnose your air bag light and supply you with a written estimate. The evaluation fee will vary by location.

Why does Airbag Service charge $119 to clear the airbag light, when internet companies will provide the service for under $50?

When Airbag Service clears your air bag light, you have a certified air bag technician inspecting your vehicle's entire secondary restraint system not just the air bag module. Our technicians inspect seatbelts, sensors and the air bags in addition to using a diagnostic tool to read the module codes. And they work with the module in your vehicle, eliminating risks associated with disconnecting the air bag module. 

 When using an internet company, you or your mechanic mail the airbag controller and the internet company flashes the memory. This may or may not turn off the air bag light. It will not give you a status of your complete safety system.

Will you just flash my air bag module?

No. Occupant safety is our top priority and we will not clear a light without performing a diagnostic evaluation to understand why the light came on.

Can you work with my insurance company to make repairs?

Yes. We work with all major insurance carriers. At the time you file your claim, let your insurance adjustor know you would like to work with Airbag Service.

Do all Airbag Service locations take retail customers?

No. Each Airbag Service location is independently owned and operated. Some of our locations only service body shops and other wholesale customers. 

Please check the location page for your local Airbag Service to see a list services for retail customers.

Are air bag repairs regulated by the government?

In parts of Europe, yes. In the United States, no. 

There are penalties for fraudulent repairs which are regulated by state governments and the penalties vary greatly by state. New York has some of the highest penalties to fight against air bag theft and shoddy repairs. California has recently passed legislation increasing fines for air bag fraud and related crimes. 

 As air bags are now throughout the vehicle and have increasingly sophisticated electronics. Air bag theft is more profitable and air bag repairs are more difficult. We at Airbag Service hope our state and federal legislators will work to give vehicle occupants better protection under the law.