Incorrect Diagnostics Drain Your Profits

Our technicians work on hundreds of vehicles a day and input their findings into our proprietary software. This means every Airbag Service technician that comes to your lot is backed by twenty years of searchable vehicle data. 

And we clear more than air bag lights. 

 With scan tools for most makes and models, our mobile technicians can scan power-train systems, body control systems, chassis systems and more. Our mobile technicians come to your lot and can efficiently and safely service your full inventory, whatever you may take-in on trade or buy at auction. 

Don't Waste Shop Time Guessing at Problems Outside of OEM Training 

Your shop technicians are OEM trained. Having them work outside of that area opens you up to lower cycle times. You may also pay for needless repairs because your lot technicians are working outside of their experience zone or maybe even because they are evaluated on different key metrics. 

Our technicians can help you get off-make vehicles ready for sale faster with a lower repair cost base. 

And for some of our dealership customers where lot profitability is their key concern, we service their dealership vehicles as well simply because using us over their dealer service center makes them more money. 

Next time you have a service light on, contact your local Airbag Service and see how they can help you.