Vehicle Owners/Airbag On - Off Switch Installation

Air Bag On-Off Switches are Government Regulated

The U.S. Government regulates air bag On-Off switch installation and air bag deactivation. 
Airbag Service is an authorized service provider for air bag on-off switch installation and for deactivating airbags.
Below is general guidance on the airbag on-off switch procedure and airbag deactivation procedure. Please reference www.safercar.gov for complete information.

Air Bag On-Off Switch Installation Process

  1. Go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website safercar.gov and read their brochure:  Air Bags & On-Off Switches: Information for an Informed Decision.
  2. Download the form Request for Air Bag On-Off Switch.
  3. Submit the form to NHTSA via FAX 202-493-2833 or mail to the address listed on the form
  4. NHTSA will mail you an authorization letter which you will need to bring to your Airbag Service appointment authorizing the Airbag Service technician to install your on-off switch
  5. After the switch is installed, Airbag Service will file a form notifying NHTSA the work was completed and that we are the authorized service center of record

Airbag Deactivation Process

Because deactivated airbags cannot be easily re-activated for vehicle occupants that need them, airbag deactivation is a more rigorous process. 
  1. Contact your local Airbag Service technician and investigate what airbag on-off switch options may be available for your vehicle 
  2. If an on-off switch is not an option, go to the NHTSA website safercar.gov and follow the airbag deactivation request procedure
  3. NHTSA will respond in writing and supply you with stickers that must be affixed to the vehicle and a form Airbag Service will need to complete
  4. After deactivating the air bags, Airbag Service will attach the warning stickers to the vehicle and return the NHTSA supplied form notifying them we are the authorized service center of record
  5. Your vehicle identification number (VIN) will be entered into the NHTSA database of vehicles with deactivated airbags
If you have questions about air bag on-off switches, air bag deactivation or other air bag and/or automotive safety questions, please feel free to contact us.
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