Collision Industry/Insurance Coordination

We'll Help You Build a Life-Time Customer

We understand your goal of delivering a safe, accurate and responsibly priced repair. In our areas of expertise, air bags and electrical repairs, we can give your customer a superior repair with lower cycle time and severity.

With Airbag Service You Receive

  • Competitive estimates using Mitchell industry standards at local labor rates
  • Fewer supplements due to our technical specialization and proprietary software
  • Full documentation for required parts - why they were or weren’t used
  • Electronic document retention and open-book policy 

With Airbag Service Your Customer Receives

  • Fully itemized quality repair
  • Faster service as our mobile units eliminate towing and scheduling logistics
  • Peace of mind knowing their safety system was repaired by a specialist 

Where You Will Derive the Greatest Value Using a Specialist

  • Air Bag and Sensor Repairs
  • Diagnostics and Programming
  • Wire Harness Damage
  • Dash R & I
  • Steering Columns
  • Hybrid Repairs 
  • Quality Inspections
With over twenty years of air bag and electrical diagnostic experience working for all major insurance carriers, our reputation, integrity and technical skill are unmatched.
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Airbag Install & Repair
Diagnostics & Code Clears
Dash R&I
Steering Columns
Hybrid Repairs